Interaction Intelligence for Sales Teams

Turn Customer Interactions into Revenue Intel

SaleSpot analyzes sentiment and body language during sales video calls to provide real-time coaching and identify winning strategies.

Demo of the SaleSpot interface providing sales call metrics during a sales video call.
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Sales call metrics graph for a sales manager's team.
Improve Team Capabilities

SaleSpot for Managers

Revenue intelligence can provide managers with insight into their team’s performance, but knowing why a rep isn’t performing can be challenging to uncover. If a manager isn’t informed, it’s easy to miss the coachable opportunities that lead to record-setting performance.

SaleSpot analyzes facial expressions and body language during video calls to measure message reception and delivery. By capturing unspoken factors that influence pitches, SaleSpot informs managers on how their top-performing sales reps deliver winning pitches and allows them to develop an all-star team.

Sales rep meeting sales goals because of SaleSpot's revenue intelligence insight.
Accelerate Sales

SaleSpot for Reps

On a sales call, a rep must deliver a killer pitch, remember every pain-point, swiftly handle objections, and remember every detail to keep up in this age of personalization. Juggling all of these at once can be overwhelming, and dropping just one can result in a lost sale.

SaleSpot is an AI assistant that alleviates cognitive load on sales reps so they can focus on closing. SaleSpot analyzes facial expressions and body language during video calls and provides real-time feedback at critical moments. It takes away burden by signaling reps to provide clarity when a customer is confused or identifying strong points that resonate to help them close with confidence. SaleSpot is the ultimate sales wingman.

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