Demo of the SaleSpot interface providing sales call metrics during a sales video call.
Productive Video Calls


TeamSpirit is a video call tool to help you stay on track, end meetings on time, and communicate more effectively.

Team member working remote.
Supercharge Remote Work


With many teams transitioning to remote work, we created an adaptation of SaleSpot to serve all remote teams with or without sales functions. TeamSpirit allows teams to work more effectively over video calls by improving communication and productivity.

Easy to Use

How it Works

TeamSpirit sits below your webcam to help you stay on track during meetings.
Team member working remote.
Elapsed Time

Stay on Track

TeamSpirit helps you stay on track by showing the elapsed time of your meeting.

Team member messaging team while working remote.
Talk/Listen Ratio

Communicate Effectively

Monitor your talk/listen ratio to help you communicate effectively and hold attention.

Team member being productive.
Talk/Listen Ratio

Improve Productivity

When your talk/listen ratio exceeds the standard for holding attention, the microphone icon will turn red.

Improve Team Capabilities

TeamSpirit Pro: Coming Soon

Some of the ways TeamSpirit Pro will supercharge your team include:
Team member working remote.
Enhance Team Dynamic

Know who has spoken during a meeting and who hasn't before time runs out so every voice has a chance to be heard.

Team member messaging team while working remote.
Improve Communication

TeamSpirit Pro will help you communicate more effectively by letting you know how receptive others are to what you're saying.

Team member being productive.
Increase Engagement

More engaged teams translates to more productive teams. Know when you're losing attention so you can make changes to keep your team engaged and productive.

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What YOu Get

TeamSpirit Features

Here are some of the features you have to look forward to!
Talk/Listen Ratio
Real-Time Feedback
Elapsed Time Monitoring
Compatible with all Video Conferencing Software
Compatible with other Analytics Tools
Unlimited Calls
MacOS Compatibility
Friendly Support
What You Can Look Forward To

Features Coming Soon

We're working on these feature and more! 
Windows Compatibility
Gauge Receptiveness
Engagement Tracking
Post-Call Report
Webcam Analytics
CRM Integration
Export Results
Call Transcription